Fudge Fundraisers

Fundraising with Fudge is a delicious way for schools, church groups, and charities to raise money!

Start a Fudge Fundraiser Today!

The Blue Ridge Fudge Lady Fundraising program has been successful for many local and long-distance organizations. Fudge fundraising is a win-win as it helps the community, but it also supports small business! Your organization takes orders by the box and you earn 25% of the profit!

We make all the fudge fresh as soon as you turn in your summary form. We can deliver or ship the fudge when it’s ready (by agreed upon scheduled date).

 If you are interested in our fundraising program please contact us at 540-553-1472 or robin@fudgelady.com and we will schedule a selling period for your organization.

Fudge Fundraiser forms. Download and print as many as you need!