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I get this all the time…. Why fudge??? Because it is AWESOME!

True story…. My Granny and Aunt Jean were amazing Chocolate makers. Every Christmas Eve our huge family would crowd into their modest house in Roanoke VA and eat chocolates until we got sick… then we would eat more.  My favorite was always Peanut Butter Chocolate and this is still my favorite today. I think Granny and Aunt Jean would be proud of my peanut butter chocolate fudge. I dream about it, fudge that is. 

Chocolate, Granny, Aunt Jean, and family on Christmas Eve are my fondest memories. Christmas is, and will always be, my favorite holiday. I cherish those memories we made and hope every family has a Granny Burdette and Aunt Jean to make fabulous memories with. Chocolate was the smile maker, even when families grumble (not me of course haha) you can still get together and eat chocolate. Our problems always seemed to subside after seeing one another and eating chocolate together. My family has always been a big belly laugh family. We have never been quiet. When you come to visit you will see. 

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