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Say It With Fudge!

Who doesn’t love fudge? It is creamy, bursting with flavor and so darn satisfying—especially for those in need of a delectable sugar fix. Robin Burdette, the founder and owner of Blue Ridge Fudge Lady, knows all about its never-ending allure. In fact, she herself is an over-the-top fan of the stuff.

Robin has fudge in her blood (figuratively, of course)! Her warmest childhood memories were of all of the Christmas Eves that she and her large family spent at the Roanoke, Virginia, house of her Aunt Jean and Granny Burdette, who were skilled and avid fudge makers. Everyone would eat fudge, as Robin says, “until we got sick, and then we would eat more.”

Robin opened her own retail store in Draper, Virginia, in 2005! She then expanded her business by premiering The Fudge Factory, which is open by appointment only, in Pulaski, Virginia, in 2014. Robin further enlarged her company when she started her corporate gifts division. It lets businesses send Blue Ridge Fudge Lady gourmet fudge to their customers to show them how much you value them.

Bestowing corporate gifts upon your clients reaps outstanding benefits to your business. They boost sales, develop strong relationships, increase goodwill, improve your brand image and maintain customer loyalty. You can reach out to your clients in a way that will touch their taste buds.

Robin and her business prowess know how powerful a corporate gift is when it’s been customized with your logo and/or a note on the box! Blue Ridge Fudge lady can ship all of the fudge to you or to a multitude of your customers, and there are discounts for bulk purchases.

Contact Robin today to request a custom quote for your business! To place your corporate order or find out more about Blue Ridge Fudge Lady, call 540-553-1472 or email And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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